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Die hard Longhorn fans will go to great lengths to see their favorite team play -- why not take the entire party on the road? While the games are fun to catch on television, there's nothing that compares with the excitement of a stadium full of fellow Longhorn enthusiasts. But any fan knows that getting to and from the game can be a chore, and getting all your friends and family into a caravan usually ends up in a game of telephone tag. Or maybe you're tired of trading off designated driver duties and just want to have fun this season. When you hire a party bus, you eliminate all the concerns of traffic, parking, and finding your fellow Longhorn fans, and you're also making a responsible choice in hiring a designated driver who will drop you off and pick you up in the same convenient spot. Without the stress, you're free to fully enjoy every game -- whether it's at home or on the road!

The University of Texas at Austin has been called "America's Best Sports College" by Sports Illustrated magazine, and it's not difficult to understand why. The Longhorns are the second ranked NCAA Division 1-A program in the history of college football. There's no doubt that the dedication and enthusiasm of Longhorn fans has contributed to the team's success. With an Austin Party Bus, you'll be able to bring all your favorite Longhorn fans to the games to the games together, making sure that nothing gets in the way of showing your support for the team. After all, what's better than a Longhorn fan in burnt orange and white face paint? Try 35 Longhorn fans with orange and white paint! Fill one of our busses up with your favorite tailgaters to make the most of the upcoming Longhorn season.

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Texas Longhorn fans aren't hard to distinguish from regular football fans -- Longhorn fans are the ones who eat, sleep, and breathe football throughout the year, not just during football season! The commitment that Longhorn fans bring to the game is part of what makes the players work so hard to stay on top. But the players can't see your hook 'em horns if you're watching the games at home. So outfit your entire herd in Longhorn paraphernalia and get them down to the game and then out for a night on the town in one of Austin's finest party busses. After all, the Longhorns are counting on you!

A Longhorns game isn't a Longhorns game without a tailgating party! Pack your grills, your kegs, your friends, and all the food you can fit into an Austin Party Bus and you'll be on your way to the tailgating party of a lifetime. Our party busses will get you to your desired location without the stress of navigating through traffic and crowded parking lots -- leave those worries to your driver, and focus instead on amping up your energy for

The ultimate Longhorn game day experience means not having to think about how you'll get to the game, how much you can party, how you're going to get home safely, fighting traffic or finding parking. All of those issues are taken care of when you book an Austin Party Bus. The bus will pick you and your party up from a single location and take you straight to the stadium for a tailgate party like no other. After watching another winning game, the bus will be waiting to take you out for a victory lap -- whether that means a bar crawl through some of Austin's famous establishments or back home for more victory celebrations. Let an Austin Party Bus take care of the details -- take the planning out of game day!

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