Austin Party Bus: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Austin Party Bus licensed by the State of Texas and City of Austin?
A: Austin Party Bus has applied and received all licenses necessary to operate a party bus business in the City of Austin and the great State of Texas. Our buses pass a rigorous inspection by the State Transportation Board and each one of our chauffeurs is highly trained and carries proper licenses. Our vehicles are also properly insured.

Q: Can I smoke cigarettes and cigars on your buses?
A: Satisfying customer requests is very important to Austin Party Bus, but when it comes to smoking we have a very strict no tolerance policy. Please respect the other riders of our buses and refrain from lighting up, we all appreciate it.

Q: What happens if my event goes longer than planned? Will we be stranded?
A: Short answer, no! Austin Party Bus would never want to cut your trip short due to unforeseen circumstances. If you foresee your trip running long, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make arrangements so that we can accommodate your needs. There is no penalty for running additional hours, we simply charge you the regular hourly rate your contract states.

Q: Are we allowed to bring drinks on the bus?
A: It's not a party without a little bubbly and beer! Feel free to bring all of the drinks you deem necessary for a good time. We can provide coolers full of ice to keep your beverages nice and cold while you party throughout the night. Please remember to take your leftover beverages home at the end of your trip, we cannot hold them for you.

Q: What areas does Austin Party Bus service?
A: Please visit our service area page for a general idea of the Austin Metro area that we cover, but do keep in mind that it is only a general idea of our range. We do our best to accommodate all needs so if you live outside of our regular service area, do not be afraid to give us a call. We would be happy to work with you.

Q: Does Austin Party Bus have any promotional deals with local clubs or restaurants?
A: Austin is known for its great bar scene and fantastic restaurants, but unfortunately at this time we do not have promotional deals in place with any of them. We do recommend that you call all of your destinations before hand, they will often give you group rates on door prices and even appetizer specials.