Austin Party Bus: Homecoming Dances

Whether you're in high school or college, homecoming in Austin is a big deal and with one of our party busses you can get to all of the events in style. Homecoming is a time of celebration for alumni and current students alike, and you can count on Austin Party Bus to get you to all of the events safely and without stress. Who wants to think about the hassle of traffic and driving with all those parents, students, teachers and alumni, not to mention people from other schools crowding the streets? Think about all the fun you'll have pulling up to the game in a sleek party bus and waving your personal chauffeur good-bye as the rest of the town fights for a spot in a crowded parking lot! Our party busses will get you there, pick you up, and take you home...and you won't have to give it a second thought.

Of course, the homecoming football game is the main attraction during homecoming week -- whether you're on the team, a cheerleader, part of the homecoming court, or the marching band, make a grand entrance in an Austin Party Bus! Or, as an alumni, get your old friends together early for the game and then enjoy a night out on the town afterward, and let us be your designated driver. You can also tailgate in style with our party busses! We'll get you and your gear to the game, and then you're welcome to leave everything with us -- we'll pick you up after the final touchdown.

We haven't forgotten about the other big event of the week: the homecoming dance! There's nothing like arriving to the dance with all your friends in tow, but no one wants to get to the dance in their parents' station wagon, right? With a professional party bus driver, you have your very own chauffeur for the evening, so you'll feel like celebrities when you pull up to the dance. Our party busses are also the perfect chariot bringing the homecoming court to their thrones in a memorable way.

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Whatever you plan on doing after the homecoming game and dance, Austin Party Bus will get you there. From after parties to bowling allies to city lights tours of Austin, we'll make sure that the fun doesn't stop just because the DJ had to go home. Book a party bus for the entire night and we'll get you home as the sun is coming up! Alumni, this is your chance to enjoy the town you grew up in without the restrictions of being a kid -- hire a party bus and explore another side of Austin with all your oldest friends!

With the excitement of homecoming, parents may be concerned about allowing their kids to drive to the game and the dance. Take those worries away by hiring a party bus for your kids! Suggest driving them to the events in your minivan, and you'll probably be met with a lot of moaning and groaning -- but bring up a party bus, and your kids will know that you're on their side...and you'll have peace of mind that they will be in the safe and reliable hands of a professional driver. As any parent knows, a party bus is a small price to pay for a compromise that both sides are excited about.

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